82 days.
The longest I had ever been self harm free.
All thrown away over six words.
“You look like you’ve gained weight.”
Food is the enemy again.

When we die do we dream forever or do our nightmares follow us?

"Three months self harm free!" I text her after I wipe the dried blood off.

"One month purge free!" I text her after I pull my head from the toilet and rinse my mouth out.

Things were easier before I had friends.

Every day I promise I’ll do better, yet every night I end up with my head in the toilet.

When I was younger I thought the line “patron saint of switchblade fights” was “patron saint of splish slash fights”.
Women ain’t shit, only good for cooking, cleaning, and sucking dick.


My mentality for binging, hi.
That feel when I’d look like a homeless slob in this…

Anonymous :
Do you realize how much people like you hurt fat acceptance? You hate fat people/fatness so much you would actually risk dying by starving than be fat. That's disgusting.
yourleastfavoritething :

It’s all a ploy, I actually devolved an eating disorder just to suppress fat acceptance. Now you know.

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